Our Focus

This coalition is a group of community members that have been impacted by or are concerned about substance abuse or mental health and want to improve our community’s quality of life. The coalition members work together on strategies to help prevent young people from ever trying or misusing drugs. It also works to create a community that helps support people who do have a substance use disorder or suffer from mental illness in staying safe, getting treatment, and maintaining their recovery.

Our Workgroups

Substance use and misuse as well as mental health There are currently 5 workgroups involved with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Coalition.

    1. Suicide Prevention- A workgroup that focuses on the Zero Suicide Initiative
    2. Access to Resources- This workgroup will try to identify and close gaps in the community as well as increase knowledge about existing resources in the community
    3. Substance Abuse Prevention- This coalition has been in existence for 9 years and now will shift under the HMC Umbrella.
    4. Development- A workgroup dedicated to helping organizations learn about grants to fund efforts related to the coalitions goals, seeking out grants for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Coalition.
    5. Community Education and Engagement- This workgroup will act as a hub for all the workgroups to desemminate information to the community. This is a hands on workgroup that will help with trainings, workshops, expos, town hall meetings, etc.

Our Health Impact

Get Involved

If the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Coalition sounds like something you or your organization is interested in joining, please send HMC a message or contact:

Lexi Otis